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Learn How to Take Care Of Your Pool During The Fall

With the arrival of cold and rain, the use of the pool decreases considerably and, as a consequence, the rate of treatment is also reduced. The main indication that says it needs attention is the greenish tone of water. This characteristic is usually a sign of algae development. Check out this post from Henderson pool resurfacing to understand the know-how of pool maintenance and repair.

Algae appear in swimming pools due to wind action and rainwater. To proliferate in water, a set of factors are necessary: lack of free residual chlorine, excess organic matter, and low alkalinity.

The drop in temperature and the incidence of rainfall at this time make the pools are less frequented and treated. Therefore, the amount of chlorine and algaecide used in swimming pools also ends up being smaller. However, professionals of Henderson pool resurfacing say, by adopting a short-term money-saving vision, homeowners end up spending much more later when shock treatment is needed, as the demand for products for the elimination of large algal infestations, and the correction of parameters with values far from ideals is much higher. Not to mention the risk of the pool being damaged in the structure, as well as stains and fouling on the walls, which may be irreversible?

So the question that arises is, how can I continue to handle the pool?

To begin with and to prevent algae resurgence, alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and chlorine indices should be monitored. Besides, maintenance treatment with the application of Maintenance Algaecide is essential at least once a week.

If you have not been careful, shock treatment from professional Henderson pool resurfacing is required. Before starting the chemical process, it is necessary to remove excess dirt that may be suspended in water or deposited at the bottom of the pool, such as leaves and insects. Then, test and, if necessary, correct the total alkalinity, water pH and calcium hardness. The next step is to apply Shock Algaecide to eliminate algae. The next day, flocculent should be applied, which causes dead algae and other dirt particles to settle to the bottom of the pool, allowing for aspiration. When the water is finally clear, the chlorination step can be started.

The pool maintenance costs offered by professional Henderson pool resurfacing while varying according to the characteristics of each pool are relatively affordable for all customers. Also, given the importance of regular maintenance throughout the year to avoid major pool problems, the monthly maintenance cost is a great investment and will save you money in the medium to long term with your pool. A well-maintained pool maintains good water quality and requires less intervention, making it more economical, and if you have a longer-term maintenance contract with us....trust me, you can get a better monthly value.

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