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Henderson Pool Cleaning

To experience a great time in your favorite pool, it’s more than important to maintain a healthy pool ambiance. This post on Henderson pool cleaning will guide you with the right process of cleaning swimming pools. Let’s check it out!

Right Process of Cleaning Pool

  • Before starting with the cleaning process, keep in mind that you should always fill foil pools and polyester pools with sufficient water.
  • Leaves and other dirt should be removed immediately from the bottom of the pool, as they may discolor pool surfaces.
  • When adding cleaning materials, make sure that you’ve turned on the filtering devices, It will ensure a continuous movement of water. Most chemicals are heavier than water. That’s why they may sink to the bottom. It causes the discoloration of the pool surface. This particularly applies to chlorine agents in the form of powder. So, you must first dissolve or dilute the agents in a plastic bucket and then pour them into the pool.
  • Henderson pool cleaning recommends adding chlorine tablets to the floating dispenser instead of adding them to the skimmer. If the water circuit is turned off, a high concentration of chlorine may form in the skimmer, which in turn, may lead to discoloration of the film around the skimmer.
  • After adding the agents, it is best to wait for at least one filtering cycle (about 6 hours) before you resume using it. It is always better to apply the products in the evening, after bathing.
  • Regularly clean the bottom and walls of the pool with a swimming pool vacuum to avoid dirt.
  • If you notice limescale or rust accumulation, use concentrated de-calcite liquid to clean them.
  • Avoid situations in which the pH of the water drops significantly below 7.2, as this will harm the pool foil or ceramic tile joint. On the other hand, a pH value above 7.8 may cause excessive deposition of limescale on the pool walls and in filtering and heating devices.
  • It is necessary to de-scale the filter system from time to time and in particular the filter itself with the de-calcite Filter.
  • Always check that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. This will enhance the durability of the pool.

How To Care For Pool Water?

When using the pool, dirt may appear on the walls of the pool. To remove dirt, we can use a cleaning net even when the pool is full. Remember, common cleaning agents may cause water turbidity and precipitation. Dirt and sand that are heavier than water sink to the bottom of the pool. They can be removed manually (using brushes connected to the suction pipe and filter) or automatically (using a remote robot to clean the pool). Hope you find the information helpful. Go for cleaning your pool periodically to maintain a healthy and enjoyable pool ambiance. If you require a profession Henderson pool cleaning service, feel free to reach us today!

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