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Get a Healthier Pool Environment: The Top Cleaning Tips by Henderson Pool Maintenance

Imagine you are at the pool. You immerse your foot in crystal water, eagerly awaiting the pleasant feeling of cooling. You'll be swimming soon. You go deeper and ... you have a used patch sticking to your leg, still with drops of dried blood on the dressing. You throw it away in disgust and bounce off the pool wall to float away. At this point, the water droplets that get into your eyes, burn them and make the eyes strangely bloodshot after a while. To avoid unwanted situations like this, you must go for a periodical cleaning of your favorite swimming pool. Check out this post on Henderson pool maintenance to know how to keep the pool environment neat and healthy throughout the year.

Control Ph Level

Turbid, green, brown water, stone deposits, foam or algae in the pool - these are just some of the problems that can occur if we do not systematically treat water. The basic activity that we should take to maintain proper water parameters as per Henderson pool maintenance, is pH measurement. It should be carried out as often as possible. Use a special tester to measure the pH (the optimal level of this indicator is 7.2-7.6). If it is lower than the value given, use pH plus to raise it. If it shows higher than that, use pH minus to lower it effectively. Set the pH level by following the instructions that came with the product you are using. You can dispense into the water manually or through special devices (automatically). The first method is cheaper but requires a lot of regularity (every 2-3 days you need to replenish the supply of funds in a skimmer or a dosing buoy). Chlorinators are a relatively cheap automatic solution, in which you only need to replenish once a month. There are also dispensers that automatically measure and regulate the pH value.

Why You Should constantly monitor the pH level?

Because it’s the wrong level that has serious consequences. If it is too high, the water may become cloudy, and limestone deposits will form in the pool and equipment. On the other hand, when it is too low, it promotes corrosion of metal elements that are exposed to water and irritates the eyes and skin of people bathing in the pool.

Carry out chlorination

Just adjusting the pH level is not enough for the water to maintain good condition. It is also necessary to constantly monitor the level of chlorine (preferably every other day) with the help of special testers. You should maintain it at 0.3-05 mg / l for indoor pools, for outdoor pools up to 1mg / l. Chlorine disinfection is a classic and reliable method that works even when the water temperature is above 28 ° C. It uses sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite, which are available in liquid, tablet, and granule formulations. You can also use multifunctional tablets that contain algae and to coagulate impurities. If you use regular tablets with chlorine, additionally use an anti-algae preparation and for purifying water from small colloidal impurities.

Clean the Filter

Why filter rinsing is so important? The dirt accumulated in it worsens the quality of pool water, is a breeding ground for bacteria and increases the consumption of chemicals used for water care (especially chlorine). When to rinse the filter? This will determine the pressure gauge that displays the level of water contamination. If the reading is higher than 1 bar, rinse the filter.

How to Do It?

  • Turn off the pool pump first.
  • Then start backwashing (move the six-way valve to the backwash position).
  • Turn on the pool pump for 1.5-2 minutes, then turn it off.
  • Start flushing (put the six-way valve in the rinse position), turn on the pool pump for approx. 15-20 seconds, and after that time turns it off.
  • Start filtering (set the six-way valve to the filter position).
  • Finally, turn the pool pump back on so that it continues operation.
  • Remember to always turn off the pump before cleaning the filter!

Usually, 0.5-1.5 m3 of water is used to rinse the filter. This defect must be filled in each time. Do all filters need to be rinsed? Sand filters do, while the paper and non-woven filter cartridges do not require rinsing (all you need to do is clean, wash or replace them).

Mechanical Cleaning By Henderson Pool Maintenance

Remember to clean the water mechanically. You can clean the bottom of the pool from the sand using an underwater vacuum cleaner (self-propelled, controlled by a microprocessor or remote control), and you can pick up small items floating on the water surface using special nets. Brushes of different widths and a manual brush for cleaning pool corners will also be useful.

Use Ascorbic Acid for a crystal clear water in Seconds

This is one of the most efficient tips by Henderson pool maintenance NV to get crystal-clear pool water. It's best to start by describing the reaction that occurs when adding ascorbic acid to water. Ascorbic acid, in contrast to the oxidizing chlorine, is a reducing agent and acts effectively to remove the iron contained in the pool water. When vitamin C is added, the iron hydroxides dissolve. This is influenced by the pH of the water. Ascorbic acid reduces the pH of the water (acidifies the environment), so that iron from a trivalent, insoluble form is transformed into a dissolved form. It is worth noting that iron is still in the water in the same concentrations, but it is invisible to the eye - at least for a while. So it can be said that ascorbic acid masks the presence of iron in the water. However, specialists of pool maintenance Henderson with extensive experience in the swimming pool industry are appealing not to use this method. It's a way to quickly clean the pool. In emergencies, like we have unexpected guests who would like to splash and we don’t have any other way to give the pool a quick cleaning, we can go for this method. According to some, ascorbic acid can be a pretty good way to remove rust spots and stains from the pool liner.

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